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Emigrant Experience #5: Little Ship From Dundee


Little ship from Dundee


1.1 The private operators
'Large Scale Emigration to Australia after 1832', <

"To the Scottish shipping interest, especially in the east coast ports, the bounty system certainly opened up pleasing prospects of employment for vessels...'the mercantile community of this quarter are taking a deep interest in the subject'...In 1840-1 an increasing number of Scottish shipowners and merchants were availing themselves of the licenses to bring in bounty emigrants granted by the Governments of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land. ['In 1840 the system of government ships was abolished...its function transferred to the Colonial Land and Emigration which the selection of the emigrants was made by private operators.'] By 31 December 1841 no fewer than 71,315 bounty 'permissions' were outstanding for New South Wale…